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We worked along with Tartalacom for our annual convention and it was an amazing experience. They made us realized that our old habbits and what we thought was the best in terms of communication was old fashionned and not right. In their strategy, they put the public in the center of their concerns and forced us to build our message thinking about what would be the benefits for our employees instead of what we wanted the employees to understand.

Géraud de la Noue - Executive Director of Baron Philippe de Rothschild France Distribution (RFD)

In just 2 days, Tartalacom succeded in organizing our event and entertaining it with a good balance of jokes and coroporate style. This was a huge plus for us and for our event.

Nasthalie Rastoin - CEO Ogilvy France

It's always a pleasure to work with Tartalacom.
Professionalism, spontaneity and innovation are the key words of our relation!

Malik Benrejdal - Co-founder & Chairman of the group I@D

We worked along with Tartalacom on an event that gathered 750 employees of Edenred France.
Tartalacom team realized an excellent and high quality preparatory work. Through tips and tools, they helped us feeling confortable on stage and, as surprising as it sounds, we actually enjoyed this public speaking moment.

Julien Tanguy - CEO EDENRED France

Brilliant performance of Tartalacom on our Vivatech Lab during 3 days.
A good mix of professionalism and humor for an astonishing result!

Hugues Beaujouan - Marketing director of Webhelp

Tartalacom helped us with the conception and the organisation of an event gathering 15 000 participants.
They are highly reactive and have lots of talent!

Mgr Michel Aupetit - Bishop of Nanterre (France)

Tartalacom has a clear understanding of our needs and is always a great help when we need to build our oral messages. Thank you.

Patrick Bédué - Co-founder & Chairman of Vapexpo

Tartalacom team helped us to organise the content and the from of the our public message. Charlie Clarck, who has an extensive expertise in this field, knew how to convey the right message at the right time.
Professional involvment and needs understanding are definitely some strong points of Tartalacom agency.

Antoine Sentis - Directeur Marketing et Communication EBP

We got a personnal support led by a professionnal, rigourous and caring team, the best in animation field. Without any doubt, I would recommend Tartalacom team who highly contributed to the success of our operations.

Alexandra Michy - Directrice communication Engie INEO

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