Laurent Wauquiez/ Ruth Elkrief : Illustration of what the Role Theory is.

BFM – February 20th, 2018

On February 20th, Laurent Wauquiez was invited on BFM Channel to debate on the « EM Lyon students speech » case with the journalist Ruth Elkrief. The interview was well prepared and organized around one keyword : the role theory. Laurent Wauquiez introduced himself as « the Republican parti leader ». And it actually worked pretty well.

The role theory on the message content.

During the interview, Laurent Wauquiez was always repeating the same clear message : « I take responsabilites for what I said because I’m the Parti leader ». This message got stronger as laurent Wauquiez used a « no filter speech ». It actually reminded the way Nicolas Sarkozy used to talk. Laurent Wauquiez definitely wants the public to notice he is the leader.

The role theory on the message form.

The all body of Laurent Wauquiez illustrates his key message and this « leader » thing. There is actually not a single sign of discomfort during the interview.

– The body language : As soon as the interviews starts, Laurent Wauquier put his arms wild open on the table. He tries to occupy space as much as he can. This way, he wants to show that he is here, that he can take responsabilites and that he won’t leave.

– A lot of renforcement gesture : Many times during the interview, Laurent Wauquiez uses some renforcement gesture to improve his communication. For example, he opens his hand whan he asks a question to the journalist, he closes his hand when he wants to highlight a word or he pushes a finger over the table when he says and wants « to be responsible for what he said ».

– The look : Renforcment gesture would be nothing without the look that comes with it…And Laurent Wauquiez’s look atually says a lot on his message : he always looks straight at Ruth Elkrief. He never looks down. This way again, he wants to show that he is the leader.

The voice : Laurent Wauquiez’s voice is controlled. His breath is smooth. Every word is thought. The silences are also very well prepared. We can see that Laurent Wauquiez is very calm. Once again, the message is clear : he’s ready to take the lead.

To conclude, the interview is very well run. Laurent Wauquiez is the leader of his party and he wants everybody to notice it. He’s not afraid of the consequences. However, there is a negative point : Laurent Wauquiez uses so much of communication tools that he ends up forgetting the essential : emotion, humanity and generosity. He looks like a robot…What a shame…

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