Marion Maréchale-Le Pen / Conservative Political Action Conférence (CPAC)

2018, 22th February

Last Thursday, Marion Maréchal le Pen talked to the americans, members of the Conservative Party in the States.

Tartalacom decided to spy the communication of the young politist. One thing is certain : paradox is the main objective of her communication. The content of her message is hard, combative and rebeliant when the form of her message is fresh and welcoming.

Tartalacom is explaining this all for you !

The fight, the main content element of her speech

During her speech, Marion Maréchal le Pen uses a vocabulry related to war and fight : « I came here to tell you that there is a youth ready for this fight in Europe today », « we want our country back », « our fight cannot take place only in election », « the freedom is a gift » « we must fight for an independance ». The word « fight » is used very often during her meeting. The message is clear : Marion Maréchal le Pen is ready to fight.

The softness, the main form element of her message

To the contrary of the fight illustrated on the content of her message, the speech of Marion Maréchal le Pen is fresh, natural and modern in the form.

– First, her french accent is « cute » and makes the politic appeared sympathic.

– Her hand gesture is uncontrolled. She moves her hands progressively when she talks, without control.

– Marion Maréchal le Pen is also very smilling. She actually repeats some public’s sentences with a large smile (for example, the « vive la France »).

– However, although she appears very sympathic, she commits some gesture faults : she sometimes aims the public with her hand, any gestures to highlight her speech, etc…

To conclude, there is no intention in the oral communication of Marion Maréchal le Pen. Her fresh and natural sides modernize a message that has been heard since a long time. The paradox between the content of her speech and the forme is the main tool of her communication.

Being spontaneous doesn’t mean that Marion Maréchal le Pen is relax

Eventhough Marion Maréchal le Pen is natural, this doesn’t mean that she actually is relax. During her speech, there is a lot of signs proving that she is unconfortable :

– Her look always goes towerd her notes. This way, she can’t really create a true dialogue with her public.

– Regarding her non verbal communication, she plays a lot with her hairs. This is a sign that she is not confortable.

– At the end of her speech, Marion Maréchal le Pen ends her speech moving backward instead of moving forward. Once again, she stops the dialogue with her public.

Marion Maréchal le Pen has heritated from a lot of things but that’s not enough. If she wants to hit the top, she needs to keep on working.

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