The Anne Hidalgo Oral Examination by Tartalacom


While she is fighting for the walking areas in Paris along the Seine, it was about time that Tartalacom decided to examine to oral communication of Anne Hidalgo.

Good grades, bad grades ? This week, we are grading the Paris Mayor.

Love at first sight…

Anne Hidalgo looks good and that’s a quality. Her smile, her spontaneity, her look invites you to listen to her as soon as you see her. She is very feminine. Naturally, the Paris mayor atracts eyes and attention at first sight. And it’s all good for her.

…But too bad it’s only « at first sight ».

Unfortunately for Anne Hidalgo, after few minutes, you realize that you are way more careless that at the beginning. The spontaneity that she has first turns into sameliness.

How this could be possible ? Because dialogue rules are not taken into consideration.

– Lack of silence. Anne Hidalgo’s voice is too linear and she never stops talking. She almost never takes deep breath or goes silent. But the only way to provoke surprise in the listenner is by making silence. She has to work on that then.

Bad gesture : in almost every public speeches, Anne Hidalgo starts her speech with an autocontact gesture : she crosses her hands in front of her. Eventhough she changes a little this positions as long as she speaks, she goes back to that position at the end. Be careful : if you start with a bad gesture, you will end up your speech with the same bad gesture.

Non stop gesture : Anne Hidalgo uses her hands but creates a feeling of gesticulation. She moves but never stops her gesture. But if she wants to have a perfect oral communication, she needs to stop her gesture. The lack of silence provokes this problem cause the sound is related to the picture. If the picture doesn’t stop, the sound will not stop either and you won’t use silence.

– A neutral visual picture : Anne Hidalgo always wears black. She probably wants people to listen that what she has to say instead of what she looks like.

Tartalacom grade : 13/20

Observations: Anne Hidalgo cannot stop working on her oral communication. She is a pretty average orator. For now, she doesn’t reach the top of the ranking.

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